If you wish to buy a suit in Budapest, the best place to look is in the area of Nyugati square.

But don’t rush, please stay with us a little longer ! We have some advice to give you when purchasing a suit. There is no doubt that suits are one of the most expensive garments in our wardrobe. If you want to be a conscious customer, you should know a few things!

Where to buy suits?

We recommended the area of Nyugati square because there are more men’s suit stores than any in any other part of Budapest. This is suit paradise in Budapest.
We’ll now list the best shops that are located in this area. This advice is based on our own experience but we’ll be more than happy to share your opinions regarding these stores. You are also welcome to share your own experiences when purchasing suits. You can also rate the stores (obviously if you have been to them) on a scale from 1 to 5 (1.If you were not satisfied, 2. If you were somewhat satisfied, 3. If average, 4. If above average, 5-if you were very satisfied ). Please send us your comments to this email address, thank you:

How to choose a suit that fits your body ?

Start with the basics; Finding the right colour suit that looks best on you and the correct cut that fits your body shape.

In order to find the ideal suit either you need to know your sizes very well or you need to find a menswear shop where the shop assistants can help you in a professional manner. We don’t recommend shopping for suits in the big „”self-service”stores. But if you still decide to do that, don’t go alone! Take someone with you, who can give you an honest opinion.

What is your suit size?

A professional in a suit specialty store will know how to help you, but at a self-service shop, you need to know in which row to look. Size chart,

In the link below you will find information on how to try on a suit on and what to pay attention to.

MrSale Menswear outletshop (Weiner Leó u. 20.)

www.mrsale.hu (tip)

Mr.Sale menswear shop is located somewhat „out of the way” But you must visit MrSale! (Weiner Leo street is parallel to Podmaniczky street). MrSale is a classic outlet shop. They sell overstocks, therefore very inexpensive. At much better prices then other menswear shops in Budapest. You can find 45% woollen suits for only 20.000 Ft. The 100% woollen suits for 40.000 Ft.

You will find Hungarian style suits but they also stock German and Italian suits. They offer tuxedos, tails and ceremony suits as well. The shop offers a large variety of men’s apparel. The atmosphere and the service are unique. They offer 100% money back guarantee on all their products. You can try on shirts and they’ll also do a fitting to your size.

Sign up on their newsletter and they’ll give you a T-shirt or a tie for free.
With no obligation to purchase.

Griff Gentlemen’s (Westend Mall)


Since 1986 they are leaders in men’s fashion. You’ll find a good collection of local and imported products in an elegantly designed shop.
Conservative styles and colours are a trademark at Griff Gentlemen’s store. In some collections they offer custom made cut suits from finer fabrics, but obviously at higher prices.

Kristóf Suit Shop (Westend Mall)


This high end shop carries Baumler, Digel and Roy Robson suits. The prices start at 80.000 Ft. They have special offers and you can get suits at good prices.

Walter (Westend)


Walter is an old hungarian store. It started as a tailor shop and now it produces its own suits in their factory located in Budakeszi. You’ll find suits at low prices, but they are mostly made of polyester. It can be a good choice for classes having prom ceremonies. The wool suits cost more of course. They offer fittings as well. They also produce custom made suits for a higher price.

Lord Fashion (Podmaniczky 51-53)


They offer Taylor services. You can choose a particular suit / style from their colletions and they will custom taylor a suit from the fabrics of your choice. At Lord Fashion they use fabrics bought from overstocks, therefore they can offer suits at lower prices. Suits range between 20.- and 30.000 Ft. They work with mixed fabrics.

Pico Bello (Podmaniczky u. 23.)


It’s located basically across from Ducio, on the corner of Jókai street. It’s a small one man shop. They claim to offer high quality suits as well as everyday wear. However, the size made us think that this can’t be 100 % true. They carry mostly middle to high end quality suits. Digel suits are the ones they have the biggest supply of. Again they cost about 80. 000 Ft. They also offer taylor services and custom made suits.